Rear disc brake conversion.

Source of parts : R31 Skyline or Pintara.

Parts needed : Calipers,Caliper mounting brackets,Handbrake cables, Discs (note: if discs are second hand the minimum thickness is 9.4mm)

Please note that the brakes are from an Australian delivered R31 with solid rear end (not IRS). Being Australian delivered, you can get pads and new discs easily.

Disc part number : DB616

Pads part number : DB1106

1. Remove brake drum.
2. Remove axle.
3. Remove backing plate for the drum brakes.
4. Modify the R31caliper mounting bracket by increasing the size of the hole in the middle as required (about 1mm).
5. Weld up the four mounting holes on the bracket and re-drill them to suit the 510 'A' arm.
6. Grind the sides of the bracket a bit to gain clearance (it's not very much).
7. Modify the center hole on the disc by 1mm for easy fitting.
8. Re-fit axle.
9. Fit discs and calipers.

How to route the hoses and handbrake cables:

Run the hoses forward and cables straight down at the back, and under the half shafts. The cables then fit in the standard position and mount using all the standard hardwear. The R31 handbrake cables have to be modified to suit,using only half of these cables and half of the standard 510 cables. The only mod you need to do is open the hole in the 'A' arm a bit so that the 510 end of the cable can go through.

By Peter Liebig.

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