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This is a little project i decided to do as it didn't seem to hard.
It is now about a year later and the inlet manifold is finished but
still working on the sensors to get it all running. The manifold was
origionally designed to be for a N/A car. The injectors in it at the
moment are around 260cc. I have bought some 460cc injectors that are
a different design and am looking at fitting these for a turbo L-series.
I have put up a few pics of my progress so far.


This is the initial design. Everything was drawn in solidworks to make sure it
all went together and to make everything accurate.The manifold was designed with
long runners to give good low down torque. I used a program that determines runner
lengths by the intake waves the engine produces, these lengths gave a peak at 6300 rpm.



This is the initial mock up of the manifold before welding. Note the fully rounded
bellmouths used. These were cut down to give a greater clearance from the plenum walls.

The other photos show the plenum after welding. I did half the welding myself and it
came up quite well considering. A couple of my mates branded it fully "SIK".
The fuel rail was made from extruded fuelrail and drilled for the injectors,
with threaded inserts welded to the end. Barbed brass hose fittings will be used.



The manifold mounted to a 1600 lying around the garage. The manifold fit well with plenty of clearance.
The next step is to make up a bracket to support the plenum. It will bolt to the block and just stop vibration
as the throttle body is quite heavy. The throttle body is 60mm off a 3.8L holden. If used on a turbo engine i
would look at getting a 65mm holden throttlebody which are also available. The exhaust maniofold is something
i made a coulpe of years ago from a set of extractors. Wouldn't last a minute due to the heat and weight of the
turbo but back then i didn't know better. The turbo there is a T28 off a skyline R32 GTR. Bit small for the
datto engine but someday will go on my G11 charade when i put the Gtti engine in.

  The last picture is the surge tank i made, comes up nice with a bit of a polish.

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